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Hello Everyone! I'm really sorry but I can't write the next RR I was passed it on by Maya the other day as shes busy with Course work and has Deleted her account but I can't write it as B, Kim, and Becki know my best friend was found dead aged 13 in her bedroom, she was being badly bullied online and at school so she cut herself then hung herself, and I'm in shock and I'm really upset and I don't think I will be writing my Fan-Fic for a few weeks but I have started a new LJ account Called "StreepingBeauty" I will tell you more about that another time,
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Secrets Part 21

Here's the next addition to Secrets..... IDEAS, What do you think about it! Tell Me, What do want to happen?

Meryl's eyes started to well up. What had she done? Trying to fool herself?! She LOVED Pierce, and she WAS SCARED to admit it but she loved him MORE than Don. Of course she loved Don he stole her heart when she was falling after John died; Meryl loved him as the father of her children. She had to convince herself that it wasn't much more than that, however hard it was

Meryl stood there in a daze reading Pierce's letter over and over, she was so out of it she didn't even heard Dons car come up the drive way. Don knocked Meryl out of her daze as he unlocked the front door and walked in, shocked to find Meryl standing in the hall, crying, holding what looked like a letter. "Honey? Baby? Are you okay?" He said shutting the door slowly behind himself looking Meryl in the eye with a confused expression.
Meryl was startled; she hadn't expected Don to arrive home early, "Hormones hey!" she said quickly disappearing upstairs. Trying not to show Don the letter that Pierce had written to her. As she reached her bedroom, she couldn't find a place to hide the letter; somewhere Don wouldn't look. "Think!... Think!" Meryl thought to herself.
She was scurrying threw her draws as Don walked in confused,  "Baby, are you okay?" He said walking towards Meryl with his hands held out as if he was looking for an answer. He looked down at the letter she held tightly in her hands. He looked his wife in the eye. Her mascara slightly parting from her eyelashes as it follows the tears down her face; her hands shook; she looked as if she was scared. He, Don, was completely unaware of why she was acting like this. "Meryl? What's in that letter? Hu? Is it the letter that's upset you? Meryl... Please... help me out here!.....You won't talk to me about how your feeling, or let me hold you like I used to... Is it me? The pregnancy?.....Are you regretting this pregnancy?" he said with a hint of frustration in his voice.
Meryl shook her head "No...No.. Oh god no, I love this baby more than anything at the moment, you should know that..."
"Hand me the letter" don interrupted  "What? No!" She said pulling it closer to her. "Meryl, I want to see what's in that letter." Tears formed in Meryl's eyes again, She shook her head. Don walked closer and closer to Meryl.
"Are you not in love with me anymore? Is that it?" Meryl held her breathe. "Is there someone else? Is that why you've been acting so strangely? FOR FUCK SAKE WILL YOU TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH YOU LATELY?" Don said shaking her slightly.
Opened mouthed Meryl stood there shocked, he never shouted, he was such a calm person. But fuck! What was she ment to say? What did she do? Tell him and ruin their family and be happy with Pierce and their baby? Or deny everything? And make sure Pierce is out of her life and carry on acting as if she's happy? 
Don started to walk towards the door as Meryl said "Pierce" Don turned to look at Meryl, she was crying again. "Pierce" she repeated. "What?" Don was lost for words; what was she trying to tell him? Pierce? What has any of this got to do with him!? "Pierce? What? Meryl what are you trying to say?" She couldn't reply, she stood there staring into space. "Sit down," she said as Don sat on the bed near her. "This is going to be hard, okay? But I need you to stay with me and not say or do anything," "Mery-" "Please!" Don nodded. "I love you Don, so much! I always will! But I don't think what we had is still there anymore. Umm... I've... I've been.... HAD.... An affair" Don looked shocked, "With Pierce. Brosnan. ... Um We fell in love. Oh god this is so hard! Im so sorry!" Meryl cried. Don put his head in his hand, Why hadn't he noticed how distant his wife was being? Why Pierce? Why now? They were having a baby together.... Right? "The baby?" Don asked "Its not mine is it?" Don felt tears start to well in his eyes. The baby he loved, the baby he thought was HIS. Meryl could only shake her head. She came and sat on the bed. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED? AY? WHAT HAPPENED TO US? WHY HIM? WHY MR SMART FUCKING ASS BROSNAN? DIDNT YOU GET WHAT YOU NEEDED FROM ME? DID YOU JUST NEED A QUICK FUCK? WHY NOW?!" Don said getting up walking around the room in stress and confusion. "WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO US?" "It wasn't just a quick fuck don....."


"Meryl..... Meryl.... Wake up!"
Meryl started to stir from her bad dream, She slowly opened her eyes to find Pierce above her, Where was she? Her dream felt so real! "Pierce? Oh god where am I?" Pierce chuckled to himself "You fell asleep in my living room, You text me asking if you could come by and I told you where the spare key was" "Oh.. Oh yer... I just wanted to say I'm sorry... About telling you that you couldn't be in the baby's life....It was a mistake I was stressed out about everything..." "Mer, it's fine. However much it upset me, But I Love you and Im glad we're going to be a family," Pierce said Kissing her on the lips,

What? Meryl thought She never said that! She's still with Don wasn't she? It was all a dream right? Or was it.....

So There it is.... What did you think? Please tell me, This Chapter is For Chrissie! <3 Haha, lol.
 Thank you B for the ideas, but Maya, Kaye, Everyone else! Please IDEAS!

And I have been asked by Maya to Write the Next RR, Yesterday so I should hopefully get that up soon, and if you have any ideas about that too, then I'm OPEN to ideas! 

Secrets Part 20


Ring Ring. Answer phone. Again. This was the third time Meryl had called Pierce, but this time she left a message. "Pierce. Hey, It's Me. Umm. Can you please call me we need to talk about everything. Actually, don’t call me I'll tell you now and I want to tell you immediately I love you pierce I really do and I'm sorry about this but please.... You can't be in the baby's life and I don’t want you to be in contact with it either. Oh God I'm sorry, Call me. Love you" Meryl couldn't believe she had just done that! Breaking his heart and on the phone; not even that! On answer machine! 

After a hard day on set Pierce wasn't in a good mood, Picking his phone up he saw he had 4 missed  calls 3 from Meryl and 1 from Keeley. He saw he also had a message from Meryl, listening to the message, Pierce felt like his heart had stopped! Meryl! His Baby! Why would she do this?! He had to contact her! 

Meryl felt like shit! After sending Pierce that message a few days ago Meryl had really been thinking about her life before Pierce was in it. Sure it was easy but when Pierce entered her life it was more exciting and.... and... It had changed ALOT! Meryl was starting to worry, she hadn't had any contact from Pierce she hopped he was okay until she got a letter in the post.............

Dear Meryl,
Listening to that message you left me was one of the most heart-breaking things I had ever been told. I have so much to say, I'm not really sure where to start or how to say it so I decided to write this letter, I can’t speak to you right now, You've crushed my heart! Our Baby! OUR! But you’re going to take my baby away from me and I can’t do anything about it. I want you and the baby to be happy. Just Remember that.
I hate the idea- if not a fact. I'm to blame that you’re stuck in this situation- I’m so sorry! I really am. We both weren’t virgins when we made love but, my darling, but in my heart you always will be. Meryl, you were the only person I have REALLY Loved in this world. I Love you more than my freedom! I would do anything for you honey! Making love with you was like... like touching heaven. All the other crap in my life just seemed to disappear. Being with you, next to you, inside you, it was something I had been dreaming of for a while but I never believed it would happen. I pray that you never regret what happened between us. Even if I was tortured from the earth to hell I wouldn't regret it for a second.
Please don’t blame yourself for any of this Meryl! Please don’t waste your life swimming in guilt. But I know you and that exactly what you'll do! But just remember one thing: I Love you so much, and I always will. I Love you more than thoughts and feeling. I feel the same about our baby too. Whether it’s a girl or a boy; I will love it so much even if I can’t see it. God, I LOVE the thought that your having our baby- a child conceived in a moment of Love, Lust and pure enjoyment. Our Child. I could say that over and over and not get bored of it or believe it!
Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan's child. Wow! Can you believe it? Just think of that baby that is inside of you. Growing, Sleeping, Eating.
I know that you’re in shock. That’s why you told me I can’t have any contact with the baby. But I can still have contact with you- So I will be able to get information out of you won’t I? Meryl?
I Love you and I always will.

Meryl felt tears form in her eyes. "I Love you too" She Whispered back

OMG! How Shit was that! Please Guys I am seriously running out of ideas! But I want to say sorry for not updating sooner! I was going to but I was Bullied by several people as some of you may know and I became rather depressed and I was put on Medication but I think I am better now! Hopefully! This Chapter is Dedicated to Maya and Kaye! My too good friends that Sadly had to come off of LJ because of exams!  :( They shall be missed. Sooo.... Ummm Please comment and give me ideas !

Oh that was it! LOL! My school does exams (Like every other school BLAH) but has moved lots of the down on to my year so these next two years if I am still writing it may not be so good as I am busy studying, doing course work ECT But I should try and update. I will try and update as soon as possible! XXX


Me and Meryl xxxx

 I wanted to do what my good friend Chrissie did and tell you all how I became introduced to Meryl so here goes.... (and by the ways it's going to be quite bad as I am writing this at 2am In the morning and I haven't had any sleep)

It was Summer 2008 and My best friend, her mum, me, my brother and my mum all piled into Cineworld it was a wonderful day outside and I remember I had had a massive fallout with my best friend the day before and we weren't really talking to each other much. I remember going into screen room 3 and most the seats were taken, we sat near the front soon the film was finished I was totally gobsmacked! It was the BEST film I had ever seen, I wanted to watch it again and again...
So we got back in the car and we turned on the radio and to my luck on came ABBAs Mamma Mia, and they were promoting the movie, I remember my best friend asking me if I liked the film as she had seen it before with her grandparents and I said "oh it was okay" as I didn't want to talk to her much but inside I was bursting to find out who this amazing actress was!

Days turned into weeks and I had found out who this woman was "Meryl Streep" but I had somehow got a little confused and kept googling something Like "Amanda Streep" or "Meryl Seyfried" I can't remember which but now I look back at it and laugh. I have fond memories of searching Meryl into YouTube and the video of her on Ellen came up, The first Meryl interview I had ever watched!! I found a wonderful page which helped me a lot at first, IMDB I found a lot out about Meryl on there and I realised I had seen a few of her films at school or on TV. I had been studying "A series of unfortunate events" at school for awhile as I think we were writing an essay sort of thing on it and every time I watched it I would always have a big grin on my face and my teacher kept giving me strange looks. Anyway off I went and brought my first Meryl movie.

My best friend brought me the Mamma Mia soundtrack as a sorry present we listened to it together every night and we both knew all the songs word for word. When it came out on DVD Me, Her and my brother always used to (and still do) act out the scenes with it on the TV in the background I was Donna of course she was Tanya or Sophie or Sam and we used to make my brother be Rosie, Poor him. This is how I got into acting and I hope to peruse it as a job as I get older.

I think it was about September 2008 and Meryl was getting ready to promote "Doubt" When I realised that this wasn't a normal thing to be doing at my age, becoming obsessed with a woman that was older than my parents. Soon my parents found out too and they were NOT impressed! They had put this
parental control thing on the PC to check what we were doing on the internet was safe and it came up that I had been on the Simply Streep website over 50 times within the past few weeks. Eeek here came The lecture!

January 2009, I had watched MANY Interviews, Trailers ECT on the net and now my best friend was a streeper! YAY!! It was 2am and me and my best friend were quietly sitting in the living room snuggled up under The covers waiting impatiently for The best actress award to come up. As we all know Meryl sadly didn't win but she is still a winner in all our hearts.

Now Summer 2009 and I had watched Mamma Mia about 100000 times and once again I googled "Mamma Mia" and saw something about Pierce Brosnan, I had watched Die another day with my two friends that I had grown up with Tom and Jake so I knew who He was so I searched "Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan" and up came Merylandrebafans Peryl story, I soon became hooked! Peryl, my new craze!

And here we are now 2-3 years later waiting for The Iron lady to come out, My friends and family are only starting to accept my streeper-ness, and I am totally addicted to Meryl, I know I can say that here because so are most of you. I now have many folders of Meryl photos on my PC and I am a proud owner of many Meryl movies and my dad is considering letting me have Meryl posters in my room, I always ask my dad as my mum doesn't agree with my streeper-streak, My dad is becoming very supportive and every night I tell him a fact about Meryl or he will ask me something, usually he will try and ask me questions that I don't know the answer too.... Anyway
I'm drifting on but I just
wanted to say thank god for my best friend because if she hadn't of taken me to watch Mamma Mia I wouldn't be who I am today, and I wouldnt of met all you great people, I love you all and Fingers crossed that in the future me and my best friend will meet our hero together.
Megan Streeper xx

Happy Birthday Charlotte!

I Just want to wish  A Very Happy Birthday! Have A FAB Day!


Hey Guys I will be updating My Fic soon But I am at Auditions Most days and School and HomeWork and Rehersals Its all to much but I Promise by next weekend It should be up!
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