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Streeps a 'bitch'?
Hey Streep-Lovers!
How are you? Im sorry its taken so long to update but Ive had a few exams (Got an A* for one! Woo!) and I had a big audition for an agency. Anyway I think you all remember the article about Meryl being a bitch that was published a few weeks ago, right? Here the link if you dont remember or if you didnt read it.... When I read the article I first thought it was complete and utter shit just like most of the other streepers, and to be honest I thought that the low life that had told the press this needed to be told where to go. Streepers everywhere were really angry about the article especially on facebook and twitter. Many others and I had dicided to forget about the article so we blocked it out of our minds. Until a few weeks ago I was in life skills was all of my friends and a girl from my class walked over to me and said "Hey Megan, your a Meryl Streep fan right?" and of course I replied yes, and then she said "Oh cool, My brothers father-in-law used to live next door to her in conneticut" At first I thought that she was trying to take the piss but I asked her some questions about Meryl and her house and she got them all right, I was shocked! I asked questions about her house and then I remembered the article that I had read a few months previous and asked if Meryl was a good next door neibour and she replied "Well... he told me that she was a bitch..." My mouth literally dropped! How can Meryl be a bitch! Seriously! Why can a bitch give out millions of dollars to charities? So I asked why she was a bitch and she said "Apparently she build something around her house to keep the press away so that she could have some privacy but it forced the people who lived near her to go a different way to their houses" Umm Well Im sorry! She should be allowed the privacy! By this time I had had enough of the conversation and had asked her if we could carry the conversation on another time, But it got me thinking if the article was partly true. I dont know if it is or not or if what the girl in my class told me was true but its still upsetting knowing people are making things up about Meryl or that is actually isnt the person we all think she is. Anyway I just hope Meryl is all that she comes across as, an amazing kind, wonderful, Inspirational women.
Anyway I need to run I have a ton more revision to do! Wish me luck with my exams, Im sorry that this wasnt a long entry but at least I posted! Sorry if it didnt make any sense but I wanted to tell people about the convo with me and my friend and I wanted to know what you thought about it! xx

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Well I personally believe that even if your friends info was true, that doesn't make her a bitch in my eyes. I mean she probably didn't even know the trouble her costruction caused since she is in NY most of the time. And really for what I understand her neighbors must be wealthy people who are probably. not the kindest or mist humble of people so they are probably just jealous of her good fortune and fame. And even though Im her fan and Im a little biased. theres still something in my heart that tells me she IS the wonderful person she seems to be :)

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if you hear from 4451345 people ( not only other actors or so) that she is a very nice person and two people say she is a bitch i would more belive what all the others say :)

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