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Best birthday present EVER (Meeting Meryl Streep)
Hey Streepers! I just wanted to tell you all about the time I met Meryl Streep.... Yes! I MET MERYL STREEP! I know I have told some people what happened and if you are one of those people please read this anyway as its in more detail! As you will see I have added some pictures of the moment as i am proud to say... On the SimplyStreep website!

As you all know i have been a MASSIVE Meryl fan since i was 10 and when i found out that the iron lady premiere in london was about a week before my birthday i was extremely excited! Every minute of every day i was begging my parents to let me go.... Finally they gave over and let me go! I couldnt believe my luck! The only bad thing was i had to skip last lesson from school, which was science, and i have my science GCSE the next day :L

3rd January... a day before the premiere my best friend and I were buzzing, we were possibly going to meet Meryl Streep in less then 24 hours! We quickly got home from school and my best friend, Freya, was at my house dropping her clothes off for the quick turn around from school to the train station the next day. We found an old long peice of paper and some bright icrilic paints and got to work. We have created our "WE <3 MERYL STREEP" Poster.

4th January... Premiere day!
The day couldnt of gone any slower, i felt myself check the clock every 5-10 minutes. Finally! Last lesson creeped up to us, Home time! My Brother, Freya and I all got home as quick as we could and changed into our clothes and got all our bits and peices together and ran out to the car and headed off to the train station. We sat on the train along side my parents and i remember we had a young couple with a baby along from us and an old man sitting behind us all watching us belt out the lyrics to the Mamma Mia! soundtrack. Freya and I were checking our apperances every few seconds and I remember Freya was putting my foundation on and my dad kept trying to convince me that she had tangoed me. When the train finally grounded to a halt we all clumbered off the train. I remember my dad saying 'oh its only going to be a few minute walk'.... A few minute walk my arse! We were walking around London with our Meryl poster for a good half an hour! We didnt even care that we were getting strange looks from people as we screamed the lyrics to Mamma Mia holding our Meryl poster so that everyone could see it. Freya and I got all excited every time we saw an Iron Lady poster on the bus and my friend insisted on taking a picture as one pulled up at the bus stop. When we finally arrived at the premiere it was about 3 o'clock and Meryl and the cast would be arriving at about 6. We settled down right infront of the photographers and right next to a young man in about his 20s and on our other side we had an old grumpy guy with his son and his friend who had come down from scotland to get Meryls autograph. To sell oviously. We had a speaker right above our heads and by this time the music was stuck in our heads and we were all starting to get really excited! It started to rain and my parents went off to find us some hot chocolate. YUM! Just what we needed to boost our energy levels even more! I remember my parents walking back to us pushing through the croud to get to us at the front and my dad telling Freya that he had just seen Meryl in starbucks getting herself a coffee as a joke and my friend thought it was true and wanted him to tell her details! The young man by the side of us and I couldnt stop laughing, she was in such a gullible state.

Freya, Me and My Brother A picture of Freya, Me and My Brother at the premiere with our hot chocolate waiting in the cold rain waiting for Meryl and the cast to arrive.

Time soon started flying and the press started to arrive. The photographers had already taken a few pictures of us and our soon to be famous poster! We had a couple of camera crew come up to us and ask if we could do an interview and talk about Meryl and if we could scream out Meryls name as they film us and our poster. I remember talking to the grumpy man next to us and he was saying that we would be extremely lucky to get Meryls autograph as she never usually signed and that he had tryed to get her autograph before and had failed but we knew that Meryl would come over to us, we were sure of it!

Celebritys started to arrive at about 5-5:30 and the photographers were going wild! We snuck into a few photos with people such as.......

 Amelia Fox (You can just see my face :L )

 Not sure her name but the press went wild for her (Just see me and my brother and of course our poster)
 The young Maggie T herself, Alexandra Roach (Me in the background)

Time was ticking and we knew the rest of the cast would be arriving soon, we shook with nerves and excitment. Everytime a car pulled up the croud went wild thinking it was Meryl. We saw Jim Broadbent, he was a bit of a grump! ahah! We tryed to call him over for the people around us but he looked at us and raised his eyebrows and walked off, Richard E. Grand arrived and we called him over and as he signed autographs for the people around us, he stood right infront of us, he looked like an orange! ahah! he had oviously put fake tan on! As he stood infront of me he asked is we wanted an autograph but we said that we didnt have anything for him to sign unless he wanted to sign my Mamma Mia DVD. He laughed, he was so kind and as he started to walk away my best friend and I looked at each other and shouted "RICHARD! WE LOVE YOU!" and turned to us and laughed and said thank you and blew us a kiss. Aww! How sweet!

A picture of that my brother took when Richard and I were talking and he was standing right infront of me.

Before we knew it there were celebritys all over the red carpet and we didnt know where to turn until we heard the croud shout "PHYILLDA!" She turned our head to the right and we swap her walking towards the press with (I think) her daughter. We called for her several times and she turned to us and was about to walk over but her agent (I think) pulled her back towards the press but she did wave at as and blew me a kiss. As I watched her walk away I heard the croud finally shout the name i had been waiting to hear for the past few hours. "MERYL" They all cried. I felt faint, I watched the press take pictures like crazy! Everything sounded funny and I suddenly felt weak but i found myself automatically calling Meryls name. I saw her across the carpet to sign a few autographs before she had to had her picture taken by a million photographers. I have to say though I was sad when I saw she was with Roy not Don. She stood right infront of Me facing the press we screamed and screamed her name over and over until someone pulled at her arm for her to move down the press line but I screamed with all my might until she turned her head for face us. She looked down at our poster and a wide smile grew on her face. I couldnt believe what was happening we were at this time being pushed and shoved from all directions by autograph hunters. My dad tryed to push them away from Freya, My brother and I. Meryl walked straight into my direction and I stood there shocked, I handed the pen to her and signed my Mamma Mia DVD and Freyas, Its Complicated DVD and a few other peoples around us and then looked into my eyes and smiled at me as i stood there opened mouthed right into my heros eyes. The Best moment of my life. She handed the pen back to me and said "There you go sweetie" and with that she was gone.....

I stood still for a few moments taking in what had just happened. I couldnt believe it i was so happy... well happy doesnt even begin to explain how i felt. Im getting a special tingly feeling run through my body now as i think about it. Freya and I were on the biggest high of our lives as we entered Pizza Express which was only round the corner from the Premiere, people stared at us as we excitedly discussed what had just happened to us.
Wednesday 4th January 2012. The Best day of my life. I will NEVER forgot that day! I feelings i felt, the way I looked into Meryls eyes. She way she spoke to me. I have to say.... I Love Meryl Streep... and I know im not the only one.

Just a few pictures from the simply streep website (mostly) of the moment I saw Meryl.....

   Meryl and our poster xx (Said it was famous)

       This is my favourite picture! YES! MERYL STREEP IS STANDING RIGHT INFRONT OF ME! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Thank you for reading this! Sorry for all the pictures! ahah! This is only a handful go on the SimplyStreep / Meryl Streep Fourm and look at them all if you want! There really are some dodge ones of Me and Freya haha!

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all i can say is that u r just soooooo lucky :D

yoou are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky. hearing your story made squee like the obsessed fangirl that i am. i'm jealous, i'd be lying if i said i wasn't but at the same time i'm really happy you were there to support her! thank you for sharing the pictures. she looks lovely. ^3^ <3

All I can do is cry!!!!! Man you and your friend are very very very lucky people!!!!!!!!! God I wish my parents were that nice!!! Too bad I love in Texas!!!!! And I'm very happy for you!!! I wish I would have been there!!!! Oh god your so so so so so so so lucky!!!!!!

aww thank you! it was over a year ago and i still cant get over it

I bet it was the best birthday present.......wish I lived in Europe!

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