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Some AMAZING Peryl/Strummer/Meryl Fics you HAVE TO READ!
Hello! Sorry it's been so long since I last updated but I've finally found some time, shame I'm stuck on the motorway listening to my dads dodge music ;). Anyway in this chapter I'm going to be telling you about some of the amazing Strummer/Peryl/Meryl fictions i've read or I'm reading; I will also post the links for if you interested in reading them yourself. 

Okay I'm going to start with the very first Peryl fiction I ever read! I was 10-11 and it wasn't really appropriate to read at that age I realise that now! But it really is my favourite and if you haven't read it before I recommend you do read it! So the authors name is MerylandRebafan. Or you could just call her Hannah. Hannah has also written an AMAZING James Bond and Miranda Priestly fiction and if you want the link for that then let me know. Anyway it was the Peryl that I wanted to tell you about, okay well it starts off as Meryl is going off to film a movie with Pierce. Not Mamma Mia. I can't remember what it was called :S I will read though it in a minute and tell you; but anyway they play a love couple........ I think you get the picture but things don't go as planned as Meryl is kidnapped at the Golden Globes (Or the BAFTAs Or Oscars) ;) Here's a little sneak peek for you...... 

Meryl woke up in a dimly lit room “What the hell?” she tried to remember what happened. She had walked towards Anne Hathaway and then someone had tugged her from behind…and then it all went black. She sat up and looked around to see the handsome waiter who had bumped into her today if she had to guess she’s say he was in his mid 30’s. “What’s…going on….where am I?” she stammered. “Your with me, in my secret place.” The reality of the situation dawned on Meryl and she realized she had been kidnapped, and started to cry. “No, no don’t cry.. Shh.. It’s all right everything is going to be just fine. I was so worried about getting you out of there without being noticed, but everything went perfectly.” he said kneeling in front of her. “Why… I … want go home.” she said trying to stop crying. “Because I’ve seen every movie you’ve ever made, and because I’m in love with you more than anyone else could ever be.” he said and he brushed his hand against her cheek. Meryl pulled away and stared at him wide eyed. “I want to go home, please” she said. “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. I know you don’t love me, you don’t even know me but that’s going to change and you will come to love me.” he said.

What do you think?? That was from the bit where Meryl gets kidnapped. I promise you If you haven't read it, READ it! You will love it!

Right here's for some Strummer fans! There really are some epic strummer fictions coming out at the moment, and as always Don and Meryl have their ups and downs. 
Ok first of all is perylfan's Strummer! The authors name is Jazz and she's a friend if mine and I tell her all the time how amazing her strummer is! This strummer fic is still being written after 80 something Long chapters! I wonder what's in store for the Gummers next? 
Here's a little snippet of her last chapter.

Alec and Steve were already there, early. They were all early; the journalist hadn’t even turned up yet.
‘Hey look who’s in the house.’ Steve Martin joked doing a gangster impression.
Alec walked up to her, attracted by her dark glasses. ‘Hold up, did you shower in vodka?’ He remarked.
Oh God! Steve and Alec were their joking selves, and she was still as fragile as an eggshell.
Steve Martin crossed his arms. ‘Did you go out partying last night Ms Streep?’
‘I think she did.’ Alec nodded, mimicking Steve’s gesture. ‘I also think someone is extremely hung over.’
Steve laughed. ‘Remember when she could hold her liquor?’
Alec wrinkled his forehead and put his finger to his mouth. ‘Hmmm? I don’t know.’
Meryl sighed. ‘OK, yes. I went out. I got drunk. I’m hung over.’
Alec opened his arms and wrapped her in them. ‘Come here darling.’ He said as she hugged him back. ‘Stevie, I think we need to be nice to her today. She might say we’re assholes in interviews and no one will work with us ever again.’
‘I think you’re right.’
Meryl loved their coming timing. They were genius. The way they bounced off each other, the way they just rolled with their comedy. Even though they were having fun at her expense, she loved them.
The journalist doing the interview was someone she knew, she was relieved, but the banter between the three men on her being hung over was crazy, that half an hour rolled into one hour and then spilled into the four of them going to lunch.
‘Red wine. White wine. And for the alcoholic at the table – ‘ It carried on, but she took it.
When lunch was over, Meryl kissed them all goodbye. ‘I’m so glad I could be the source of your amusement.’
‘Anytime, let’s do it again.’ Steve said kissing her.
Alec gave her a hug on the side walk. ‘Feel better.’ He said as they kissed

Hahah! Love that bit! Cant wait for the next entry! This fic isnt just about Meryl and Don sleeping together it also features Louisa, Grace, Henry and Mamies feelings and stories. And I can tell you now the Gummers defiantly have their ups and down! The link is below let me and Jazz know what you think.

Great Back at school now! Just let me know if the last bit ^^^^^^ didnt make sence as, as I said I was in the car :S

Okay I also want to share with you a good friend of mines fiction that she was just started and she doesnt think its good! :O ! Comment and tell her its good guys and believe me its amazing! Its based as if its Meryls journal, her thoughts. Its really good! Sadly lots of bad things are happening to Meryl at the moment though! :( Ok so here is a little clip-it! Heres a bit of drama for you......

Hello everyone it's Don,

Yesterday morning something terrible happened. And that's why I'm writing today, instead of Meryl. I am compelled to write this. I don't know anything for sure, except that I have to tell you... You need to know.

But this is so hard.
It's one of the hardest things I've ever had to tell anybody.
Meryl was on her way home from a meeting with Anna Wintour about this magazine editor film. She was incredibly happy, and calm. She looked so pretty, beautiful as usual.
I remember her phone call, and I can't get that conversation, her voice out of my mind.
She had such a lovely tone to her voice. I could tell the meeting went well.
Earlier that morning, I'd kissed her before she left, dressed in a white gauzy blouse. Her blonde hair was full of curls, bounce and volume, it swung with her body as she walked. She was humming.
I should've held her, told her that morning how much I loved her. But I did nothing, pecked her on the cheek, I just called, 'I love you!'. And since she was in a rush, she blew me a kiss as she went out the door.
I remember that moment like it were 5 seconds ago. I see her blowing that kiss. I see her walking away, looking back... blowing that kiss. Imaging that kiss, her lips on mine, makes me tear up as I try to write this.
How can I say this? How can I write these words?
The thing is, Meryl had a car accident on the way into town. I can't imagine this had happened; I can't get this out of my head.  I was told Meryl was unconscious when the paramedics arrived at the scene.

Her lexus hit a pot hole after swerving for a jeep coming toward her on the wrong side of the road. The driver of the vehicle was drunk. The car dropped into a ditch, rolling over twice and finally landing on it's roof.  I haven't gone to look at the scene of the accident. That is an image I don't need inside my head. What I can see already is too much.

Dr Manning says that Meryl became unconscious instantly after her head and upper torso was nearly crushed by the car's air bag and her head hitting the steering wheel. He told me that she would have felt a little pain up until this point. I hate to think about this. It's too cruel.
He said she has been unconscious for about 16hours now. She has a swelling in the brain, and 3 broken ribs and whiplash in her neck.
I'm at the hospital now with her, sitting at the side of her bed. I know she loves her diary, so I am writing an entry, to tell you guys what has happened. Whether she will, or is able, to make any more entries, in the future is beyond my control. I am hoping and praying that she doesn't.... I can't bring myself to say the word. I can hardly breathe at the thought of it.

The doctors are doing everything they can to make her feel comfortable until she awakes.
All the tubes, all the machines. Why does it have to happen to her? Two accidents in a matter of months? I'm not going to let her out of my sight.
I can't live without her, she is the reason I exist, the reason my heart beats everyday. For her and our children. She HAS to be okay. She just has to.

See guys! Isnt it good! Kim stop thinking you work is bad its not! Well I guess we all doubt ourselves but we really shouldnt! :S God What do I sound like??! Anyway here is the link to Kims entry! Read it and let her know!

OK I might have to cut some of these others short as I have so many to promote! So here is a few more Peryl chapters.

My dear friend Chrissie also writes an amazing peryl! She has written two actually! But she told me earlier that she might stop writing for a while :'( Noooooo! So I want to promote her fiction so that you will comment and tell her that you dont want her to stop writing! We will all miss her! Soooooo much! and here is a small snippit of one of her entrys......

They arrived back at the apartment in record time having practically run all the way. Pierce armed with all the copies of the magazine that he could carry.
Meryl headed straight for the vodka bottle and poured herself a more than generous measure and downed it in one, pouring herself another straight away.
"Shit!" said Pierce, throwing the magazines on the sofa. "How the fuck did they find out? Who have they been talking to?"
"Well how would I know?" replied Meryl.
"And, buying up all those copies is a waste of time. What about all the other copies, on newsstands all over the country?! I need to call Don, and the kids." Just then the house phone rang. Pierce picked it up. "Hello! Oh Don hi, here's Meryl," he said passing the phone to her. "Don....." she began. "Well your secret is out," said Don. "The paps are camped outside here as we speak. I hope you have your statement ready for when they discover where you are. I'd get on to your publicist right away if I were you," he suggested.
"Is Lou there with you? Let me speak to her Don, please," said Meryl. "She's went off to summer camp this morning, so at least she is away from it all, and I've rung the camp and forewarned them, should the paps discover where Lou is, and I have spoken to her, she's fine " replied Don. "Oh thank God, yeah I forgot for a moment. My head is all over the place," said Meryl.
"Of course, we will deny it," she told Don. "So please, back us up on this one for now Don, will you? Just while we figure out what to do." Reluctantly Don agreed and they finished the call.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" exclaimed Meryl. "What are we going to do Pierce?" she asked.
"Babe, we've known this would happen for ages, just not quite this soon. We just need to sit down, and calmly decide how we are going to play this," replied Pierce.

Seriously guys Comment on all of these I am promoting and of course comment on this too! but getting back to Chrissies fic, she writes almost twice a months and she leaves you with annoying cliffhangers! but they all come together in the end and it makes an amzing imaginary world! I can tell you know when you read it you can picture it in your head Chris please write a book about an in love couple and base it on Meryl and Pierce! No-one will ever guess except us streepers <3 ! :P

Ok this has taken ages to get all of these fics together so please comment and tell me you have read this!

So Now on to my friend Becki's Strummer! Woo! She has just stared writing and isnt writing as much as she wanted as like me she is juggling Meryl with Twitter, Facebook and exams ;). So here is a bit from her first enrty! and Becki wants LOADS MORE COMMENT!

It was summer 2009, just after her 60th birthday and Meryl was sitting outside on the balcony The family was out; Louisa was at her friends, Grace and Henry were in LA, Mamie was spending time with her boyfriend and Don was a game with Harry. She sat there thinking about her life so far and how happy she’s been and how thankful she was that Don is such a huge part of her life. She couldn’t even think of a life without him, his love and support. Yeah, they had their ups and downs and fought like all couples did but he was her Don and that’s the way she wants to keep it.
Meryl sat in the
silence, just looking out into New York she allowed her mind to wander from her life to her children to Don and about the world. Also, she was thinking that she couldn’t have achieved everything that she has achieved in the past 30 years without Don. There was no way she could have so much happiness in her private life without him being there, he had given her 4 amazing children that she was extremely proud of but also a love she didn’t know was possible. She was brought out of thoughts when she felt two arms wrap around her neck and her husband’s lip softly kiss her cheek.
‘Hey!’ she replied closing her eyes relishing the feeling of his soft lips on her skin
‘You okay, hun? You look like you were in deep thought.’ Don asked concerned
‘Yeah, I’m good. Great actually. I was just thinking...’ she said before being interrupted by Don,
‘Thinking, oh no.’ He joked
‘Hey’ she said as she playfully smacked his arm ‘I was thinking about how you have changed my life. Given me our 4 wonderful children, amazing support and
care even though it’s been hard for you at times, I know, and for your amazing love. I don’t wanna even imagine what life would have been like if I hadn’t met you!’ as tears started filling her eyes.
‘What’s brought all this on?’ Don asked as sat down beside her and took her into his arms.
‘I don’t know, I think it was just the silence around here. It just allowed all my thoughts to run wild in my mind about the world, the kids and you! I know I don’t say it that often
but Don I love you so much’
‘I love you too sweetheart. How about I go inside and start on a romantic dinner for us?’ Don suggested as he started getting up. He thought with all the thoughts running through her head that he should do something to show how much he loves her.
‘No, can we just stay out here for a while? I love the feeling of being held in your arms’ She replied looking up at him with lustful eyes pulling him down.
‘I’ll do anything for you
gorgeous’ he said sitting down, wrapping his arms around her and placing a soft kiss on the top of her head as she placed her head on her chest.
Meryl and Don sat there thinking, yes it was good she was home. As they thought about how lucky they both were. The evening held endless possibilities

COMMENT ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Becki Believe me and Kim Its AMAZING! So Write another chapter! xD

Now I am sadly only going to list the others I want to promote as the computer room will be closing soon and I want to update tonight.

Peryl     <<<<<  EPIC. YOU HAVE TO READ! <<< Have a look at B's ! Shes an amzing friend and she write amazingly too! She is also writing a Strummmer and Peryl at the moment with Andrea! (Link to Andreas Profile in Strummer) <<<<<  She has just started writing but its Amazing so read it!

Strummer <<<< Perfect for all you Strummer fans! It starts off as Meryl and Don meet and it carrys on from there she has written about 200! Yes 200 entrys! Wow! <<<< Heres Andreas that I said about ^^^^^ Its really good too!

Other. <<<< Gemma Writes an epic Sam/Jane fiction! Read it! (You have to be 18 to read it so go on Livejournal Mobile web and read it thats what I do!)

Streeper M!

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dont know if i maybe overread it but smoocks strummer fanfic is amazing too.

i love this story so much <3

Thank you so much for including me! And you are right all those stories you mentioned are exceptional! I read them all faithfully! I quite often suck at commenting timely but I'm working on that! Thanks again...andrea

They do say save the best till last, don't they? ;)

Awesome update, I only wish I had time to read every single story, I read most of them but if I read anymore, I'd have no life!

And btw, when it comes up with the Age thingy on mine, surely you can just click to say you are over 18, how are they to know you're not?


Awww, thanks so much for mentioning my fic!!! You're too sweet!

Thanks so much for the mention sweetie, and of cause I read everyone you mentioned they are all so good. Thanks ;) Bernadette x

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