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Hope Springs
So, as the title reads, Meryl's latest film Hope Springs has officially premiered in theaters. Have I mentioned how excited I am to watch Hope springs!? I bet if your from America you will be asking why I havent seen it yet, well it sadly hasnt been released here in the UK.  :( I know its silly! I have to wait until the 14th of september, and believe me on that day after school I will be travelling straight to the cinema!  I've talked to so many people about the film and they all say its amazing! Im so jealous to everyone who has seen it already!

Meryl and Tommy Lee Jones have been doing a fair amount of press for the film and it's getting really good reviews. I have been watching all the interviews they have done and I thought it was so funny watching them on the view and Meryl on Watch Whats Happens Live. I have to say that the women on the view were asking some questions that were appropriate and interesting, but they would barely shut up long enough to let their guests answer. I am getting so excited while I watch all the interviews about hope springs and all the clips on youtube too! It looks like a great film!

As I mentioned earlier, I have talked to many people who have seen the film and they say that its a really cheeky film ;) If you know what I mean! I heard she actually touches herself after she touches Arnold up, and ive read the script and I swear that wasnt in the script Or was it just me that didnt notice it? :L I dont know but anyone who ever has seen it i need to talk to you now! I need to know everything about it! EVERYTHING!
And if anyone has a link to watch Hope springs online then please let me know as I have been looking for one for a while and I havent been able to find one! You will become my best friend if you have a link! believe me you will be!

Anyway im sorry this is a really short chapter but ive been really busy, and ive been on holiday and i didnt have any internet connection and I was busy with exams, which I get my results for next week, wish me luck!
Once again sorry but at least I posted, if there is anything you would like me to post about then please let me know as I am open to ideas and I love to hear from people!

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Oh god the second paragraph was freaking hilarious!!!!! I didn't see it yet!!! Was it good?

Its amazing! Some of it is awkward to watch because its basically Meryl having sex everyone 10 mins but its really sweet as you really connect with the characters

every* not everyone haha x

I just got done seeing it like 2 days ago and it was really something.......if you know what I mean. But it was really really good!

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