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Hey Guys! I will update soon I promise! I was just wondering if anyone knew any JARLEY (Jane and Harley from Its complicated) Fictions, STRUMMER Fictions, PERYL Fictions or any Donna and Sam Fictions?! Please help! I need some more fictions to read! Please post the link in the comments box! Thank you!

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hey honey,soon i'll be starting a strummer set to the tune of hope just trying to get my jane and miranda stories a little more settled before i start.start looking in the enxt couple of days though because im probably gonna start posting.actually,correction,im going to get started today so maybe tonight or tomarrow my time.luv ya!!!!

omg im excited about this, looking forward to this. Thanks so much!!!!

i've just started a peryl short story, check it out. <3

I was reading this fanfic on or .net I'm not entirely sure, but it's a Donna and Sam fic. It's really good!! Then there was this mash up of its complicated and mamma mia. That one was good too.

OMG! Really can i have the link?

Oh was called Taking Chances and it was on and the person who wrote it was Mrs Carmicheal. That one is the It's Complicated and Mamma Mia xover. That was really good. I recommend that one and I'll try to find the other one.

thank you so much! ive just logged back onto LJ after i think about 8 months or so! eek! i missed it!

I am also reading thru that site,here's Sam and Donna, try the Love knows no boundaries. Super duper Hot and exciting. By Imadynamo @

Your welcome! And why so long haven't you logged in? Also there's another one, do you want it?

yes pleas if thats okay :D and im an actress and ive started modelling so ive been busy with shows and shoots, and its sad because ive missed all the updates on my favourite fan-fictions

Oh my god your an actress and model?! That's cool that's what I want to be just Ana actress though and the fanfic is on it's called Peryl Fanfiction and its by Merylandrebafan! These are really good!!

Yes, its hard work and im only 15 so i have all my studies too and believe me its horrible you get told you're fat everyday and that you need to go and work out and then you have to learn all your lines, dances and songs... but altogether its very fun and you make amazing friends!
and thank you! have you read merylandrebafans fiction on here?! she has done a few Meryl ones that go on for ages that are AMAZING! they got me into reading fanfictions!

I meant it was in here not on Anyways what's your name and what are you doing at the moment with being an actress. And I still want to be an actress with all the side comments

Yes I've read it! And my names Megan, I haven't been in anything big, just little shows

What kind of little shows?

I'm currently playing Penny in hairspray and I was in Billy Elliott on the west end and I've done other thing too

That's really amazing. Good thing your making your dreams come true

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