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Fakes fAkes faKes fakEs fakeS
Fakes. Fakes. Fakes! FAKES!
Tut-Tut-Tut! Thats it I have had enough! ENOUGH I TELL YOU! PadriRagazza, HelloLouisa (AKA LouisaGummer91), Dealwititbitchz, TheLouisaGummer, Louboogummer, Just to name a few! They are taking over the world! NOOOOOOOO! I swear though there is a new fake every month. And thats only on twitter, ,I dont get into fakes on Facebook, or Myspace or whatever there is! 
Am I the only one that is affected by fakes??? I have been wanting to say something about this for awhile, Lgummigaga. L-Fucking!!-gaga! Whoever was behind it has ruined my life! I am seriously they really have!!! And I have had enough of it! Enough! I get bullied still over it! And for anyone that hasn't a clue of what I'm grovelling on about I will tell you: At the start of the year there was this fake called Lgummigaga on twitter, they said vasser instead of Vassar and said mum like the English not mom like the Americans, many people knew they were a fake but I teamed up with my friend and we tried to get this fake to admit that they were a fake, but oh no! Guess who got the blame! ME! Several Streepers turned/ have still turned on me saying that it was me faking Louisa but I don't fake I RP old Meryl movie characters. So anyway there was this one girl (not naming names as she has apologised and wants to clear her name) but she bullied me like hell! She really did! She got her friends to send me hate mail on Facebook and Twitter, I sadly became rather depressed. They did give in after awhile I think, but whenever I say my name is Megan to Streepers I automatically get accused of being 'That Megan ***** girl' (Not wanting to give my last name away although some of you know,) or even when ever a new fake comes out, oh yer look it's Megan again trying to fool people once again! Grrrrr!!! I wish some people who get to know me before the even start judging me, like B, Kim, Becki, Gemma, Chrissie, Maya, (Sorry if I left anyone out!!!!)
Anyway I'm good now, I think :L lol,

I made an RP account of Mamie recently and 1 fakes came up to me telling me they were a fake and they wanted someone to fake with, but they turned out to be someone I know, from my Facebook RPing days (and all you out there they don't know what RP stands for it's Role-play) So you never know, it could be anyone RPing or Faking. Even someone you know. 
But I do want to say that Kim and I have both caught out LouisaGummer91 (aka hellolouisa) sooooooooo many times, I swear I don't know why people believe her!!!! I asked her a question about the college Louisa is going to at the moment and she got it wrong!!!! Well if your really 'Louisa' you would know the right answer wouldn't you dumbass! Haha people these day!!! (By the way if this entry is all jolty it's because I'm writing half of it at midnight and the second half during the Christmas show rehearsals :S) Also Louisa doesn't own a blackberry anymore! Ahah! So I just love it when fakes are tweeting on their blackberry's thinking they seem like the real Louisa! Haha get a life! YOU ALL FAIL!! 

Grrrrrrr getting frustrated now and I'm blubbering but who cares this chapter needs to be longer than last times!!! So I think I will leave it at that, I THINK THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE PROMOTING OTHER PEOPLES CHAPTERS SO IF ANYONE WANTS ME TO INCLUDE YOUR BLOG/FIC IN MY NEXT ENRTY COMMENT OR INBOX ME IF YOU WANT, and does anyone have any suggestions for the chapter after the next one could be ???! Going to start needing ideas guys!!! But omg!!! Before I go! *Scream* did you see all those Great Hope Spring pictures??! Arrggghhh! SHE'S BACK!, OUR MERYLS BACK! I swear though the pictures of her on set on the beach, it's not in the script is it?? Oh! And I found this out to, THEY MIGHT CUT THE BANANA SCENE! NOOO! I wanted to see that :S ha, She shamefully says! Lol anyway I better go now, but please comment on here not on twitter, Thanks and please could you give my Blog shoutouts guys please?! Thank you love you all!!!
X Ms Streeper X

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Well said honey! I only follow them to see what crap they tweet about. Glad you are okay. Hope rehearsals aren't getting too much, still it will be worth it in the end.

You can promote my fic if you want. Same people always comment, and I love them for that. I am not sure if anyone else ever reads them, so I am thinking of making this one my last for a while, although there are still a lot of chapters to go as the story is not finished by a long shot!
Take Care

Love you

Do you remember that we talked about padri... In January? Good that you. Know the Truth now ;)

Hey, so sorry for the late reply. Yes I remember! Fakes just keep getiing more and more funny! :D Thanks for reading

youre right all those fakes are just grrr but i think the best idea would be to just ignore them.... :S

you're right honey. it's so anoying that people fake! they had their own lifes and they would go throw it. like we all hete fakes, do you know real gummers myspace/facebook/twitter or what ever? xx, Carrie

Hey Carrie, Thank you for still reading! I am writing a chapter now so please comment but None of the Gummers have MySpace ONLY Henry has Twitter! and thats for his music, and Only Louisa Henry and Grace have Facebook but they dont accept people they dont know but yes I do have the links.

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